Wild und Frei Festival.

Observing the National Maritime Museum building from East Indiaman Amsterdam.

Some little part of CD/DVD Collection of Public Library, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Centraal Station. Love this architecture.

Back to Amsterdam, my favorite city.

Frida encounter in Amsterdam!

Very old cemetary in Kayseri city center.

Erciyes Mountain in the afternoon.

Steppe girl @Goreme.

This guy is the real airbender!

This is how a balloon is disassembled. The fabric on the top is released and the hole there lets the air release.

My favorite balloon, hidden in the hills.

The one on the left was my favorite during the flight, colorful and alive.

Balloons are getting ready for the flight, early morning @Goreme.

Rock Chapel ceiling in Goreme Open Air Museum, Nevsehir. For further info, you may click here