The little shops in snowy SoHo. 

The sailor and nurse graffiti seen from High Line. Beautiful surprise of the day.

They say touching to the balls of the Charging Bull brings good luck.

Beautiful SoHo and famous fire escapes.

Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything. -Stalin

Say hi to Manhattan Bridge view from Brooklyn.

Fog again. Two skyscrapers almost totally lost.

Brooklyn Bridge and disappearing skyscrapers!

This tree alone photographed at Central Park, 2014 February 21st. So snow so cold so alone.

Ass of the Charging Bull in Wall Street Area. :)

"Everyday I am learning and getting paid with knowledge"

Well, I am a learner too. (Photographed @Brooklyn Bridge)

Dinasour bones @American Museum of Natural History

It was too crowded in Grand Central Terminal and I loved this huge building.